the return of the hunger.

remember the hunger? he's back.

i'm hungryhungryhungry these days, once again. it's not as bad as it was in july, but a wee bit annoying nonetheless.

i suspect that both my spanking new 10k-prep-running schedule and recent stress at work are to blame. these past few work days, i haven't had a lunch break and hence ate most of my daytime meals at my desk, which (as we all know) makes for non-conscious (and less satisfying) meals, even if they are healthy. bad me.

i hit a total low-point yesterday afternoon, when a quick trip to pick up a much needed prescription at my gp on a very late lunch break turned into a one-hour-wait and a frustrating chat that had me close to tears. when i left his office, i was supersad, exhausted, hungry and just generally frustrated. it got even worse when two pharmacies i went to didn't stock the meds i needed. when i got back to the office, i visited my old foe, the downstairs bakery, and bought a huge honey-sesame-granola slice.

that was a fail, yes. at least a kinda yummy one.

apart from that, i've been eating pretty well though, and pretty close to points, only occasionally digging into my activity points (there are so many of them these days, too, ha). have been eating plenty of apples (so many to choose from right now!), which is a good thing, i reckon, and still mainly staying away from bread in all its variations. and the few times that i've chosen bread and it's evil pals, i've noticed again and again how non-filling it is.

already noticed what a difference my new breakfast (all bran, fage, apple) makes: it really fills me up and leaves me satisfied for a while. good stuff.

strategies to combat the hunger in the next few days (same old, same old):
  • keep eating apples;
  • make an effort to eat protein at every meal;
  • have workday meals away from the desk; and
  • have fewer bars (they're not that filling, after all).
totally do-able: been there, done that.

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