so i went swimming last night. for the first time in forever, really. i prefer lakes and rivers and the ocean to clorinated pools, and when i head to the pool, it's mostly to the thermal spa & sauna, where there's more stewing in hot water (and dipping into ice-cold) than actual swimming.

but yeah: swimming.

first of: logistics. 't was all much less hassle than i had anticipated. packed my bag before work, everything fit nicely into my work bag. the pool is a two minute walk from the bf's shop, six minutes from work or so, which is kinda perfect, and i'd been planning on adding it to my routine this winter anyway, for after-work swims between the time i'm done with work and the bf's done with his. the cover there is 3,70 euro these days, pretty steep if you go there for a fast actual swimming. if you pay ten visits in advance it's 3,10 each. will do that from now on. triathlon-prep and all. and afterwards, it took me 15 minutes to get out of the pool, showered, dressed and out the door. all very doable.

secondly: i can still swim, yay! did 1,5k in about 45 minutes, couting down the laps (60, btw it's a tiny 25m pool). it was fun, but kinda stressful: the pool was packed. the super swimmers (who swam proper crawl, oh the envy!) were in two roped off lanes, and the slow rest swam all over the place in somewhat less order. had to dodge superslow swimmers several times, had faster swimmers swim into me and yaddayaddayadda. one more reason to learn crawl: swim with less hassle. there were lots of gals there who seemed to chat more than they swam and got into my (and everyon else's way). tried to remind myself not to get all judgemental about that: who knows, maybe they swam some fast lanes right before i came. and hey, there was a time when i headed to the pool with my friend tina and claimed that swimming a few lanes and then hanging out in the water for an hour, chatting, was a work out. i was fat back then, too. when i hopped out of the pool after my swim, gravity hit me like a ton of bricks, btw, and i only realised than that what i'd just done was actually a workout. had wobbly legs and a spinning head for a few minutes. duh!

thirdly: weight watchers only gave me two activity points for my 45 minuts of swimming, which equals about 20 minutes of running. boo.

and lastly: i did not lose my top. hooray. am waiting for my supercheap nike sports swimsuit (i love you, brands4friends). even though i am not really expecting it to fit. mailordering swimsuits=generally a very bad idea, even in size 36/b-cup. have to make an excursion to the sports-stuff shop anyway: definitely need goggles and a swimming cap and new running shoes. if i ever run again, that is. harhar.

the knees, btw, are not so good. even walking stairs hurts. the ortho appointment on monday can't come soon enough. no workout today (instead: couply time with the bf), pilates and some cardio tomorrow, and on sunday quite possibly nothing. sanity: preserved. for now, at least.

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