fitness fantasies.

shauna writes: "you know how people say, "well it's all very well for oprah with her personal chef and trainers and all!" blah blah blah. well let's just pretend we're in an alternate universe in which money and time are no object. in terms of fitness and healthy livin', anything is possible. anything at all. nothing is too ridiculous.

what would you do? who would you like to meet? where would you go? what would you purchase? what would you like to try?"

in my perfect fitness fantasy...
  • ...there'd be a bikram studio right down the road from the office, with a really good heating system and cheerfully strict teachers with really strong dialogue, and they'd offer a 7am class, so that i could go and do yoga before work;
  • ...it would be supereasy to check out of regular life for three months to complete bikram's teacher training, which would also not cost 11.000$;
  • ...i'd own a trek bike, and lance armstrong would train me twice a week and ride up mt. ventoux with me;
  • ...there'd be no reason to be scared during runs in the dark, hell, it would quite simply not get dark as early as it does right now;
  • ...the bakery right downstairs from my office would be replaced with a high-quality but super-cheap sushi-place;
  • ...physiotherapy would come free with health insurance by default, so i could enjoy an hour of chris' massage three times a week without having to head to the doc first and begging for a presciption;
  • ...my boobs would have survived my weight loss;
  • ...i could swim all kinds of strokes perfectly;
  • ...i'd have an endless supply of all bran (not available in germany! can you believe it?) alnavit apple cinnamon bars, alnatura amaranth bars, byodo rice crackers, organic apples and carrots, greek yoghurt and curd cheese;
  • ...the power plates and hypoxi treadmills at the gym would always be available;
  • ...i'd have a whole closet full of fitness clothes by lululemon and nike and a different pair of shoes for all my different activities, and my gear would pack up really small so that taking my gym bag to work would be less of a drag;
  • ...i'd also own a tiny little garmin-like device that could do everything and also had an integrated ipod;
  • ...(this will sound super-stalkery) i'd take about half of the ladies on my fitness blog roll on a one week fitness & fun-get away with all of our fave coaches;
  • ...there'd be a swimming cap that actually kept your hair dry and happy and beautiful during swimming and eliminated the need for washing and blowdrying afterwards;
  • ...i'd have my very own sauna, outdoor swimming pond and a lovely post-sauna lounge room with an open fire so that the guy and i could spend winter sundays hanging out naked at our very own sauna without being stared at;
  • ...i'd get weekly abhyanga (ayurvedic oil massage); and
  • ...i'd have a complete wardrobe makeover with scott schuman, galadarling and jane of sea of shoes. oh yes.


Shauna said...

OH your list rules!!! :)

The swimming cap thing cracked me up coz when I took swimming lessons a few years ago I wore a swimming cap for the first time ever and was shocked afterwards that it didn't keep your hair dry! I mean, wtf! Somebody must invent that!

Let me know if you ever run out of All Bran :)

caro said...

thanks for the fab idea, this was fun!

someone really has to invent that swimming cap, it'll make swimming so much more fun... my hair is already whining about my upcoming wintertime triathlon-training swims...

and all bran: will do. if you still want some of those large headbands, btw, give me a shout....