winter? i'm not sure yet that we'll get along.

it's here. winter, i mean. there'll be frost tonight. and me? i'm not ready.

it's not just that i was lying naked on a mediterranean beach just about two weeks ago. what's troubling me most right now is this: all my warm clothes? don't fit anymore. i'm on the verge of a major clothes crisis. which i know is ridiculous, and a great problem to have, and yaddayaddayadda. but oh! so! annoying nonetheless.

last years' warm coat? died this spring anyway, but would be way too giant to wear (esprit size xxl). all my other jackets (that i've been wearing these past few weeks) are way too big as well. so are all my warm jumpers.

this is the first colder day, i'm wearing boots, and jeans and a sweater from mango that i inherited from my friend s., and i'm hating it all. not the jeans, not the boots, not the sweater, but the look. the jeans plus sweater-look. this is what i wore when i was fat, what i wore all through uni. that i've had enough of. i don't want to wear variations of this for the next months to come.

summer was so much fun: i love all of my dresses and skirts and leggings and skimpy tops. but now? now what? all the stuff i did last winter - the skirts and thick jumpers and boots look - is not working for me sizewise anymore, either. i very obviously need to spend some quality time at h&m and figure this out, somehow. the goal: to buy lots of non-jeans, non-sweater-but-still-kinda-wintery clothes. and a coat or parka. and some boots.

it should be fun, i know. but right now? i'm kinda freezing.

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