....we have knee pain in the house! yay! totally not happy to see you!

now. that was quite the surprise. treadmilled my scheduled run at the gym tonight, and at minute 7 or 8, it was suddenly there. right knee, below the kneep cap. i kept on running, and it got somewhat better, but, woah, does that ever suck. wanted to ice it afterwards, but had neither ice nor my ice pack, haha! very smart. it's better now. but still kinda there.

two possible reasons:
a) this is just some payback-soreness for my way too fast, way too long, way too downhilly sunday run with the dog. which i did a day after my long run. stupid me. if so, it should be alright again soonish.
b) this is a sign of general overtraining. the past two weeks have been pretty intense: the 10k prep, even though it's not *that* crazy, really, has cut into my recovery days. is this payback now? could be.



Shauna said...

Oooh be careful comrade! Do lots of googling for 'running knee pain', stuff like that. Check out the injuries section of the Runner's World website, etc - they have good info on how to figure out just what *sort* of knee problem you're having.

There's also lots of simple exercises/you tube videos online to help each kind of injury.

The worst thing you could do would be to carry on running and ignore it, which is what I did and ended up with a year of physiotherapy and knee that still hurts when running, five years later.

I don't mean to sound doom and gloom but you are doing SO brilliantly and would hate to see your amazing progress slowed down :)

caro said...

thanks, shauny. you're right.

you know, i had some knee pain (and subsequent physiotherapy for it) a few years ago. back then, a bunch of things was to blame, weight and overtraining (fun combination, i KNOW!) and being x-legged, ha. i was kinda surprised that it hadn't made a re-appearance yet.

in any way, i'll call my ortho later today. and no working out/running tonight. and there will be icing. and nsaids. boo.

i really, really want to run my 10k in two and a half weeks. and i am superscared that this will kill my momentum now. which is stupid. because this won't kill my momentum unless i let it do that.

Shauna said...

ooh just saw this comment AFTER i'd written massive comment on the newie... hope the ortho helps and you'll be 10k-ing before we know it... xxox