start: 89,3kg | 196lb | bmi 32
original ww goal: 65kg | 143lb | bmi 23
current: 64,5kg | 142lb | bmi 23
loss this week: -1,2kg | 2lb
loss: 24,8kg | 54lb

i never thought i could achieve this, ever, when i first typed that goal weight into the weight watchers website 523 days ago, in late april 2008. it was just an arbitrary weight, so much lower than anything i had ever weighed as an adult. a number so low it didn't seem do-able. my dream-number, really.

and now i've lost all this weight, 54lb (one large guinean barracuda, apparently). i am in a better physical and mental shape than ever before in my life. i can run 5k in 26:10 minutes. and i can wear size 38 dresses and need a size small at h&m. it boggles the mind.

i patted myself on the back for a few minutes after entering my current weight into the ww website and enjoying the goal weight-stars flashing.

and then changed my goal weight to 62kg. but that? is just fine-tuning.


Shauna said...

Just caught up on all your posts. A gazillion congratulations on reaching your goal... so much hard work there :) and your new goals sound SO exciting, especially mt ventoux, wow :) somehow I just know you'll get there. Woohoo!

caro said...

thank you so much, shauny! :)

and yeah - mt. ventoux. that's going to be...epic. but i just have to do it, and i can't really explain it. but i figure that two years should be enough. two years to become a cyclist of whatever shape and form. i'm so excited (and curious!) about what else will happen (and changing) during these two years.

One-Twenty-Five.Tumblr.com said...

This is so amazing.

Congrats 54 times over! I am soo inspired :)