six weeks.

during my lunch break today (my first lunch break this week, crazy shit!), i had some soup at the bf's shop and then strolled through some cheapo trash stores, looking for nothing in particular (well actually, i'm kinda somewhat looking for a decent checked flannel shirt/dress, but well...), i was trying on sweaters, realising that i'm a size small now, pretty much everywhere. and standing in the dressing room at orsay, i looked at my ass in the mirror and realised that it's taken me all of six weeks to shrink out of my latest pair of jeans.

in other news: it's taken me eleven weeks to shrink out of my latest bras. i'm a b, tops. and for the first time in my life, i feel like i might actually need a push-up bra.

[all joking aside: the boob loss is pretty extreme, really. and i think it's partly to blame on my pcos/rising testosterone levels. will ask the fancy endocrinologist at the -omfgwhatamidoingthere- infertility clinic on wednesday. i miss my boobs.]

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Shauna said...

boo for disappearing boobs but woohoo for being able to fit into groovy clothes all over the place :) ahhh...