life, happening. [#1]

this week? has been killing me so far. i am quite literally drowning in work, so much work, that i couldn't go to the gym last night because of working late, and had to work through my lunch breaks. i'm tired. the contents of my wardrobe at the boyfriends' place have somehow exploded all over the guestroom and there is a shitload of washing to fold as well. while sorting all that, i need to get rid off all of my fat clothes. i'm also starting to feel a bit out of sorts because of our in-between living situation (we're practically living together, but i still have my flat with all of my stuff, we're just never there, ever). i need to clean up that flat that i'm never at, so that i might want to be there every once in a while. and i need to clean up my desk at work. the muscles in my feet are still sore from sundays' mighty hill run. i've been hungry for the past three days, really, really hungry, and have been eating what seem to be giant portions, and that has to stop. and the icing on the cake? is me freaking out about an appointment tomorrow in a week with a new endocrinologist at a freaking infertility clinic (of all places! just the right spot for a gal who is not trying to conceive).


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