runner's high.

i went for my weekly long run this morning. in the cold november october rain. it was 6°c. two weeks ago, it was 28°c; summer has directly turned into winter this year. oh autumn, where art thou?

dreaded heading out there this morning, but absolutely had to: i was actually due to run yesterday, but life happened, and instead of running in the morning, i sat at my docs' office, and instead of running after work, the boyfriend and i went out for a dance performance and sushi.

so i crawled out of bed at 7:30am (thankfully at the same time as my boyfried, who had to get up early as well to pick up the dog for the weekend, yay), put on my winter running clothes for rainy weather and went for a run in the rain. couldn't quite believe it myself.

the first ten minutes were a bit cold and odd, because i was still noticing the rain and thinking lots of 'i should be inside!!!!'-thoughts, but as soon as i hit the first incline that i run everytime, i didn't care anymore, and it was all good. ran a route i hadn't run before, through the posh hily neighbourhood next to ours, and got some nice views of the city and got to ogle some nice houses and think about properly moving in with the guy (which we've been talking about a lot, lately), and sang along to a few of my fave songs and felt free and awesome and happy. good stuff. i ran about 10k in an hour and did some speed work at the very end of it and then slowly jogged home, beaming.

i still don't quite get that running is so very easy, and awesome and fun. i love running now, absolutely love it. it makes me feel so strong and independent and happy. i don't know how this happened, because i hated running all my life, dreaded running in school, avoided it at all costs, failed at several walk-to-run-programs time and again. and six months ago? i wouldn't have dreamed of being able to run for an hour without stopping. but now i do. and i'm hungry for more. how crazy.

in any way: it's all good.

i'm absolutely rocking my runner's hight right now and i'll have a bit of breakfast now and then head to the gym. oh yes.

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