exhaling some more.

i really missed the gym. seven days without proper sweating were way too many. i feel so much better already!

that first appointment with trainer frank, jana's replacement, went really well. until today, i'd only known him from around the gym and attending two or three pump classes led my him. in our one on one session he really impressed me with his knowledge and skills. first thing he did was take out an anatomy books to show me where and why i was hurting, how the stuff i've been doing at the gym impacted those spots and how i could modify my workout plan to ease the pain and build up additional strength.

turns out that i don't have to change that much, really: i just have to significantly lower two upper body weight machines, stay away from the power plate, stay away from running and instead hop on the crosstrainer, modify one leg stretch i've been doing and add another. and that's that.

he was super encouraging, applauded me for my flexibility and endurance, asked about the weight loss and assured me that wiht proper exercising and proper rest, i'd soon be up and running again. he's got no doubt that i can run that 5,5k at the end of november. phew.

for now i'm back to doing the same stuff at each gym visit, but i don't care for now. it's all good. rowed for 15 minutes, did my three rounds on the weight circle, a few machines, half an hour on the crosstrainer and took a good long time to stretch. and i feel like a new me. awesome. on saturday, i'll also throw in 30 minutes on the hypoxi, a massage and the sauna. oh yes.

life: much better. oh yes.

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Shauna said...

wow he sounds like a great, smart trainer. so glad you're feeling good!