stuff. [#1]

good stuff
  • my superenjoyable 40 minute (sixpointsomethingk) run today, which featured hills that had me walking for a bit there, geez (good prep for the 10k, i'm not sure i actually read that profile properly, but something about it kinda scares me)
  • that new fitness(blogging)podcast that lovely shauna and mizfit are doing: two fit chicks and a microphone: listend to both episodes and loved it; learned that i need to do less treadmilling and more weekend running, go listen to it!;
  • the ok dinner-choice i made on saturday night, when the guy and i went out with some friends;
  • discovering 0,2%-fage at my fave supermarket (that plonking sound you just heard? that was me jumping on the greek-yoghurt-bandwagon);
  • the first proper homey fall weekend with the guy: sleeping in, prepping our balcony for winter and hopping into the tub together; and
  • the super-delicious half-size apple pie i made today (and that the guy and i finished up together, oh yes we did).

not so good stuff
  • on my run on friday, running up the first mighty hill, i did something odd to that weak spot on my upper back/ribs, was in so much pain yesterday, that i took some painkillers, and slept with a hot water bottle this morn, absolutely have to call my pt first thing tomorrow morning; and
  • dear viral-infection that keeps returning? i hate you.

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