the new plan.

i did day one of my brandnew work out schedule for the first time this morning. it consists of 15 minutes of warm up on the rowing machine (gasp!), three rounds in the new (grown up! crazy hard!) weight circle, a few extra weight machines and the usual stretching. and afterwards, just because, i spend half an hour on the vacuum treadmill and then cycled half an hour each to and from my friend e's house. and you know what? i'm kinda tired now. and my legs are a wee bit achy. which is all good and splendid.

i need (and will give myself) a full rest day tomorrow, even though i was all set on going for a run. thing is: i'm still not completely over my cold. i've been working out for the past three days in a row. it's enough for now. no point stressing about late novembers' race (yet), bur i need to make a proper workout and running schedule for the coming weeks. not sure yet, how i will ease into whatever kind of winter schedule i will keep. i'll find a way, for sure.

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