and in other news, i am totally spent.

had my last session with my trainer jana today. she's quit her job at the gym to follow her heart to - of course - australia. her guy's an aussie and she's heading out to wa now. am sad about losing my fab trainer (and not sure yet, who i'll pick as a replacement), happy for her for doing this. so odd to see someone fulfil a dream that i had myself for a bunch of years.

i hopped on the scale (another kg down, yay) and then we worked on some new, even more evil moves on the power plate, and then i did my regular day three workout: three rounds on the strength circuit, a couple of machines and my new power plate routine. also on today's schedule: 30 minutes on the treadmill as 10k prep. i don't know what exactly made me do it, but i chose a 30 minute nikeplus 10k-prep treadmill-workout that i had dumped on my ipod sometime last week. and that thing? killed me. in a rather delicous way, actually. because it made me - among other things - turn the incline of the treadmill to 4 and run at 12kmh for a minute. five times in a row, actually.

which i reckon is rather insane.

i got through the workout really well, though. it was hard, yes, but totally not-boring, a great, enjoyable challenge. i actually felt like i was doing something, a feeling that's been missing a wee bit from my real-world-runs, that have been all fun, and not that much work. afterwards, i literally crawled to the stretching area, where some guy was looking at me funny while i was groaningly stretching my tired muscles.

oh well. there are worse things in life. tomorrow: rest day, oh, sweet rest day.

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