my first long run.

i did my first 10k-prep long run today. at 7am. and it was awesome. supersuperawesome, actually. 7am is about as dark as 8pm, but then -omfg!- it gets lighter. which is kinda amazing to run in, even on a drizzly, grey day like today. i loved it. listened to my new nike running tracks (drive and cassiusplay), and just spaced out for an hour. very lovely. all my fretting about it (i was so nervous beforehand, that i actually woke up at 5am, kinda ready to go) was totally not necessary, and even dressing for it was surprisingly easy, despite the kinda shitty weather. i wore my fave running tights and a cheapo running jacket i bought years ago but never wore - it's superlight but has got a kinda water resistant front, very nice.

my 60 minute superslow run translated into about 9k, which is pretty alright, i guess. totally underestimated though, yet again, how far one can actually run in an hour (even if that one is me), and had to run a few laps around the block near home to make up for the last ten minutes. i really don't want to plan my runs out to the last k (don't want to get stressed out if i choose a different road or whatnot), but at the same time i need to figure out some basic routes that are long enough, so that i'm not scrambling for distance halfway through my runs. well, well, i'll get there.

and lastly: i've actually signed up for the 10k. e. (the amazing running machine!) made me do it! :)

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