running in the dark.

so. that 10k on november 8? still haven't signed up for it.

but i've researched, typed and printed out a 5 week 10k-prep running plan and stuck it on our fridge. and i've actually completed the first run of said plan tonight. (a nice and slow 30 minute run, btw, just mapped it on mapmyrun, and it was 5.5k). so yeah. i'm trying to do that 10k. and kinda pretending that i'm not.

loved the run tonight, but was seriously irked by the fact that by 7:30, when i left the house, it was practically dark. i even put on reflective leg bands and attached a red taillight to one of 'em (watch out! road hazard!). the recent holidays totally deepened my denial of the seasonal change that is very obviously happening right now. but there's no denying: it's dark out a lot earlier than, say last week. which means that since i have a job that keeps me occupied five days a week at a time of the day when it's not yet dark, i will have to run in the dark. which is not my kind of fun, to be honest.

it's not that i'm exactly scared. just a tad bit uncomfy, maybe. but even that is a bit stupid: what exactly should happen to me, really? the neighbourhood i run in is nowhere near dangerous. it's a close-to-our-cutesy-european-downtown residential area. and busy. just kinda dark.

it was actually much better once i was actually out running (with the music in my headphones admittingly not as superloud as usual), and not just standing in our flat, staring out at the darkening sky. but still. for a minute there, i was thinking about riding my bike the three minutes to the gym and running on the treadmill. but that? is so freaking boring.

in any way, my 10k-prep weeks have got four runs. i'll do two of these at the gym, as part of my work outs (on the treadmill) and two in the real world. so i gotta get used to the dark, right? right.

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