the appointment at the fertility clinic this morning was pretty good, superlong wait aside. the first thing they did was write "NOT TTC" with a red sharpie on the first page of my brandnew file (phew). well done.

prof.pcos was inquistite but pretty neutral (if that makes sense). he did an ultrasound (that kinda looked like all of this) and ordered a bunch of tests, then took four vials of blood for a full hormone workup. i'll find out about the results in a week. and then we'll take it from there. good stuff. am significantly less stressed already. stuff is finally happening, yay!

in addition, that interview with ex-boy is done and published and he deemed it ok as well, and i'm happy that i don't have to listen to his voice via headphones anymore. and almost kinda somewhat looking forward to the show tomorrow. because a) i'll look so very awesome (25kg lighter and SO VERY UNATTAINABLE) and b) they'll play my two fave songs (got to request them, yes, really), and c) it'll feel oh so very good to ride home by myself after the show and climb into bed with my bf who's got his birthday on friday, too. got him a superawesome present, too.

so yeah. less stressed out. i was a ball of pure nervous energy this morning, pretty horrible. short workday today, too: got an appointment at my gym at 6pm. all good.

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