now that i've lost weight...[#3]

i can not only cross my legs much more easily, but i can also wrap my foot around my ankle while doing so, eagle pose style. very weird, that.

[i discovered my new skill on thursday night, while supernervously drinking jägermeister with that aforementioned ex-boy after his gig. he didn't comment on my weight loss but told me a couple of times how "fantastic" i looked, and that he was majorly attracted to me, still and...yeah. that conversation was very good for my ego.

he's a smart guy, that one (even though his taste in shirts is questionable). told me (in that order, i think) that he wished that we lived closer (because we'd be together, obviously, haha), was absolutely ready to have kids and marry and had finally quit pot. and then we took turns apologising for stuff we'd done in the past, told us way too personal shit and at the end of it all, it was decided that we weren't 'done with each other' yet. we promised each other to call sometime soon, not to get killed in random car crashes in the next few years and hugged each other for too long. and then i went home.

back in my old life, he and i wouldn't have had that conversation, btw, because we would have already been in my flat, naked.

it was supremely weird. but, like i said, good for the ego. was tired, (emotionally) shaken and hungover all day yesterday, though. am heading to the gym now, for two hours of sweating and the sauna. i really need both.]

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