oh groove, where art thou?

i'm not happy right now, people. well, generally, and compared to what i felt like for much of my twenties, i'm superduperawesomely happy, yes. but something's not quite right, rightthisverymoment: i guess i've lost my groove a little bit.

this past week, since the knee pain kicked in, i've eaten a wee bit too much (hello, cold weather and daylight savings, i hate you) and worked out too little.

it's no drama, that, i was a wee bit sick and all, and my knees are injured and life (well: work) happened. but i'm feeling the effects of it all, and i don't like it. on top of everything, while i was working at home this morning (got up at 6am to do so, haha!), my back suddenly cramped up quite terribly. the boyfriend made me call our physio when i couldn't stop whimpering (can't turn my head, can't lift my arm to lift my cup), and he'll see me after work tonight. so that great plan of going swimming tonight? kinda sorted itself out, duh, even though i've got all my stuff with me.

i want my routine back. i want to stick to my plans. and considering that i can't have my routine back, because i can't run, i need a new routine, obviously.

i'll figure out the fitness part of that with a new trainer at my gym tomorrow night. i want some definite, do-able plans for my usual gym-days. i'm really curious as to what he'll come up with. the food part, however, i got to figure out myself, obviously. it's not that i've eaten superterribly, just a bit much, really. also, i've taken leftovers to work for lunch the next day, and that had me running out of points a bit too quickly. just got to get a bit more diligent about my points again. do-able.

but still. all this: effing hard. especially when all you want is some ice for your knees, a cuppa tea with milk and sugar and some biccies, while firmly planted on your sofa with a blanket.

well. not going to happen. will spend the evening at my office, anyway.

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