post-holiday high.

these holidays of mine? rocked. seriously. i finally get why people love to go on holidays with their partners: because it's fun. i never knew! why did nobody TELL ME? it was so, so good to just spend some quality roadtripping time with the guy. i never doubted that we'd have a good time, but i never envisioned it could be this great, this lovely, this awesome. i actually cried about three times a day because i was so very very happy.

i mean, check this out:


everything turned out just the way we'd planned. just with an extra icing of awesomeness. we roadtripped, we hung out and read books, did a tiny amount of touristy things, swam in the local lake, drank a lot of wine and had dinner with our hosts (dinner that they had mainly grown themselves) every night. and then we roadtripped some more, spend a day on the beach and drove home via mount ventoux.

i did not count points during those eight days. "i ate so crappily", i told the guy on our drive home. "no, you didn't", he said. and he was right. sure, this could have been the 2009 southern france baked goods festival (pain au chocolat! croissants! baguette! my fave orange-soy cookies! every single day!), but apart from that, we had mainly locally grown veges and peaches that we picked from the tree ourselves. and almonds. and fish, once. and that was that. i was also sick during our trip, mightily sick, actually. very suddenly fell rather ill, one night, i ran a superhigh fever (no clue how high, we didn't have a thermometer); so high that i was actually talking funny and whatnot. felt a wee bit better during the days, but had two more feverish nights. still not completely well yet, and all, but much improved. was that the swine flu? who knows. before i got sick, i actually went for a whopper of an 8km run and did one bikram class. and then there was the swimming, too.

in any way, i didn't want to weigh myself upon my return, but then i just went for it, yesterday, and lo and behold, i have not gained any weight at all. i still weigh exactly 65,7kg. exactly, even. quite a shocker, that one. i never expected that, ever. so no harm was done by this holiday, and i am supermotivated now to kick those final kilos' respective asses.

had a session with my trainer jana today, and we made myself a new workout schedule that includes not only (gasp!) the rowing machine, but also some weird cross trainer, and a (new to me - and apparently super hard) weight circuit. i'll get to do three different kinds of workouts during my three weekly gym visits, before we change my routine around in six weeks. exciting! also had a cardio scan at the gym today, and rated 7 out of 10, which is well above average. go me!

in any way: the holidas are over, and i got to (and can't wait to!) get back to work. oh yes.

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