it's sunday night. sunday nights are usually filled with dread because of the workweek ahead, but not today. because tomorrow night, the bf and i will pack up the car we've rented for the next two weeks (and have christened 'jacques'), and very early tuesday (like: 5am), we will start driving south. we're going on holidays to southern france. and i can't quite believe it, really.

our holiday will include lots of driving with jacques, lots of wine, the ocean, lovemaking, excursions to montpellier, sete, millau and carcasonne, running and bikram yoga (without heat). we'll be staying with hippie friends of the bf, who live as marginals in the middle of nowhere. they do their own farming, have built their own house; the kitchen is outside, the shower, too, and the loo is an outhouse. and i can't wait, really. i so deserve these ten days away, with the boy. and while trying my best to eat well, i will not stress out about food too much. i will enjoy what is there, drink wine, try new stuff. and i will alternate mp3-led bikram yoga sessions (by bikram himself!) with running. and that will be enough.

i've been doing pretty alright this past week, btw, if not superwell, and it was more maintain-then-weight-loss mode, really. went to the gym twice for nice and hefty workouts, had a good weigh-in, whatnot. alas, for time reasons, no running, and some rather relaxed eating (big indian homecooked feast with friends on thursday, family party celebrating n.'s first day of primary school over the weekend etc.) the food made me feel crappy (afterwards, at least), and i missed running. early this morning, i went for my first real run since the 5k (did hypoxi-stuff at the gym this week), and spontaneously did about 7k. enjoyed every single step and can't wait to run during our trip.

what's been not so great is my health. again. ha. apart from that recurring viral crap, my md suspects gastritis (and ebv, yay!) and ordered a bunch of tests, whose results i'll get tomorrow. i made the mistake to google some recent symptoms, and dr.google suggests gallbladder issues. which wouldn't be surprising at all, considering that i've lost 50lb and all. am kinda freaked out about that.

oh well. doc's appointment tomorrow. then packing. then holidays. no matter what.

see you in october!

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