running in the real world.

you know what? all my slightly bizarre freaking out about running on, you know, a road instead of a treadmill were totally unfounded.

saturday morning, 7am, i went for my first ever real life run. a proper run, i mean. just me and the road. because my nike plus was still refusing to cooperate, i simply ran with that week 9 c25k run again. right along the main road along the lake.

and i loved it.

the rather lovely scenery might have had something to do with it. and that smug feeling you get from running while everyone else hasn't even started to nurse their hangovers, too. but it was also, quite simply, really lovely to be out there in the morning, running and moving, and enjoying myself. how very very odd.

i tried not to worry at all about distance, and instead ran at a super manageable pace. and you know how far i ran? 6k, total. (checked the distance with the car, ha.) my usual 1k warmup/cooldown and 5k run combo during week 9 on the treadmill, actually. how very very awesome. on my second run, i made a conscious effort to run faster. and ran 500m more.

i'm a little less scared of my 5k the weekend after next.

any 5k prep tips for a newbie, though? what should i eat? when should i run my last prep run? do i need to drink during? how does an organised race work, anyway? eeeeep!

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