health, or something like it.

that freakout that my dentist gave me last week? unfounded. everything's fine and dandy. i was back in his chair by thursday afternoon (that's how freaked out i was), and he deemed it to be a weird infection that looked like nothing he had ever seen. so there.

what's not fine and dandy, however, are the nether regions, yet again. it's yeast infection number whatever; i've lost count this past year. #20? possibly. the last one was two weeks ago, and my gyno has prescribed the full arsenal of anti-fungal glory, yet again: six days of topical cream, 3 days of oral fluconazol, and some lactobacillus for later. same procedure as every month. and so very lame.

i'll also take a tropaeolum supplement and finally get started on that acid/alcali-supplement, that helped back in may and gave me a break from the yeast troubles for at least 8 weeks or so. i've purchased the latter two weeks ago, but just haven't taken it yet: you're supposed to do so an hour after your meals. this instruction seems to be a bit too hard for me to follow, ha. i've also bought that pre-biotic treatment (that will take several months to complete) my pharmacist recommended back in may. last ditch effort. hooray to that!

i'm really at a loss as to what else i can do. crappy food, i.e. lots of simple carbs, seems to be a trigger, which is a supercreepy thought. yes, i ate pizza this past weekend, and gummybears and drank soda. but in quanitities that normal people consume. if that's what causes this, or keeps pushing me over the edge? i'm effing angry about it. oh yes.

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