iron will.

i resisted.
not one m&m, not one smurf has passed my lips, and those little beasties are still around today, obviously. i'm deaf to their siren songs now. go me.

last night's workout session was, well, interesting. i just didn't feel it, in a way. i was kinda tired, even though i pushed myself rather hard. that general tiredness only eased up after my treadmill run, which was - compared to my real world runs in lugano - all of a sudden terribly boring and lame. very funny, that. i'll do some more real world runs these coming days, one on sunday, and then two next week, in munich and hamburg. yay.

during my gym visit, i finally checked the ingredients of their complimentary on-tap sports drinks. in the past, i'd usually drink them very diluted (probably half/half), during every visit. not sure why i never checked what exactly i was consuming there (apart from the flavour, obviously), but i am glad that i finally did. the main ingredients: inverted sugar syrup and a whole collection of sweeteners. stuff i both try to avoid. the sugar-shit because of the yeast issue, the sweeteners because of insuline and everything else. so: no more on-tap sports drinks, unless in case of emergency, like an extreme blood sugar crash. had sparkling water during my workout yesterday, instead, and that worked well, even though i drank significantly less, just 0,7l during my 2 1/2 hours there.

so that's that. in other news, i finally did a proper weigh-in (four days late, due to our travels and, well, life): 66,6kg, still, which is awesome, considering that i've had pizza three times in the past week, dolci for breakfast and drank more energy drinks than water over the weekend. definitely better than expected. not sure i'll manage to achieve my goal of 65kg by sunday in a week though. i'd be happy enough about a 65 in front of the comma, anyway.

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