hey you. [#2]

you bought all that chocolate for the new trainees who came for their inaugural office visit this arvo. now that they're gone, and so very much is still left over, you don't have to eat it. in fact, you quite simply shouldn't.

yes, those m & ms are singing their siren song, with the gummybear smurfs as a background choir while the chocolate marshmallows are rapping along.

don't listen to them. don't eat them. they will not make you feel better. you had a superyummy mango yoghurt earlier, you don't need any additional treats. those m & ms and saltines and smurfs are actually bad for you, not just because of your weight. that yeast infection you have right now? will absolutely feed on all that sugar.

keep resisting, woman. you can do it. also: have fun at the gym, later.

much love,

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