i now weigh 65,7kg. it's been half my life since i was this weight. crazy.

this weekend, i also had half my hair cut off and took the dog for a 5,5k run. which is also kinda crazy.

totally underestimated how far you can actually run in 40 minutes, even with a dog, and when the route i had thought up turned out to be too short, the dog and i got a little lost and suddenly found ourselves on a cemetery, where running was definitely not called for on a sunday morning. with lots of properly dressed folks who had just been in church. took an unnecessary walking break, because i still have some manners left. :) also: hills are mean. but kinda awesome.

all's pretty good, if stressful. this coming week will be a killer. there's a shitload of work and travelling coming up. am going to munich tomorrow after work for a wedding, heading back to freiburg early thursday to work for half a day, and then up to hamburg late thursday where i'll give a two day professional seminar before heading home late saturday (on the last train, no less).

and then on sunday afternoon, i'll run my first ever 5k race.

realistic fitness goal for the week: two more runs (one in muc, one in hh). no gym this week, and i'm literally heartbroken about having to ditch my gym plans for tonight because of work and packing and everything.


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