c25k graduation day.

last night, i graduated c25k.

on my final c25k-run, i walked 500m each during warm-up and cool-down and actually ran a full 5k. which was hard, but enjoyable, and awesome. when i started this, it didn't seem possible that i'd be running for 30 minutes, without stopping. and actually crank up the speed while doing so.

it was still on a treadmill, though. and the thought of having to replicate that on a road in two weeks and two days scares the shit out of me. i'll go for my first road run on saturday morning, in lugano. or so i hope. r. thinks, i won't do it (we're camping, and partying and all). which makes me want to prove him wrong. i actually reckon he said that just to motivate me. :) after my run, i'll get to swim naked in the lake. could i ask for a better premiere? not really.

i can't believe that i've done this, that i finally completed this running programme. and that i enjoy running now. and that my life is so different to what it was two months, six months, a year, two years ago.

i love my new self.

i'll keep on running. and i'll miss robert ullrey. thanks so much, robert. your podcasts have changed my life. no kidding.


me said...

I found your site through another one tonight and am so glad I did. First - congratulations on the C25K graduation. I am using Robert's podcasts too. Started week 5 today and couldnt make it through the last 5 minutes of running - close - only 2 minutes short though.

Your story reminds me of me. I am 5'6", started at 186, trying to get to 136 (and stuck at 168).

Seeing your success has been a nice little kick in the pants for me this morning.

Good luck on your 5K

Elizabeth in Atlanta, GA

caro said...

thank you, elisabeth! week five of c25k is mean, that was the week that scared me the most. but i'm sure you can do it :)

when's your next run?

Elizabeth said...

It was tonight. Week5 Day 2. I hadn't looked ahead and didn't know it was two 8 minute runs - I thought I would die, but didnt. I managed both 8 minute sections fine. I was tired but probably had 1 - 2 more minutes in me before that total exhaustion feeling.

I have to admit I run so slow - more like a slow jog or a 15:30 - 16 minute pace, but it is still running in my book and more than I was doing sitting on the couch.

Thanks for the encouragement.


caro said...

i'm not an expert, but i reckon that it doesn't matter how fast you run or jog (i was certainly jogging verrrrry slowly at times), as long as you do it. :)

i've only now started running a lot faster (6 min kms), and that's another beast altogether.

love your attitude, btw: no matter how slow you run, it's definitely better than sitting on the couch. :) how's the rest of the week been, running wise?

Elizabeth said...

"...i reckon..." - I LOVE it - I didnt know anyone but us southerners said that!

It has been OK. friday was to be the big, scary 20 minutes and I got on the treadmill and had massive pain in my shin - like someone driving in a nail, so I decided to stretch and just walk instead.

Today I walked the dog at the park for an hour and felt good, so when I got home, I hopped back on. Only made it running 5 minutes before I was wiped out, so kept walking and it turned into a weird, interval like session - running, sprinting, walking, hill climbing, etc for 64 minutes on the treadmill.

Still haven't done the 20 minutes straight, but got in a good workout. While I want to build up to the running, right now fat loss is my main concern, so I can't complain.