i did not buy the first (ever?) size 36 (8) dress that i fit into. it was supercute, and cheap and at esprit (of all places - i hated them so much because their 42's were way too small for me, back in the day). but way too tame for me.

no more buying things just because they fit! progress, people, progress!


One Twenty Five said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and my sincerest congrats on all the amazing weightloss! You make me want to shed the lard asap to be able to take photos of myself holding my previous pounds.

Congrats again!

caro said...

thank you so much! your blog is a great inspiration, one - twenty - five. really love your dedication to running, and really, woman, you are a runner. :) some part of my head thinks that i should try to run a half next spring. but i'm not even thinking that out loud....

i wholeheartedly recommend the lard-photo-op for any weight loss achieved to far, not just as close to (preliminary?) goal as i am right now. it's very odd and very awesome. i should have done that much earlier, just to realize how far i've already come.