inspiration. [#5]

good advice from the nutritionista on dealing with different eaters.

had that kind of situation on tuesday, when the dinner plans the bf and i turned into classic german style abendbrot (literally "evening bread" - think cheese, cold cuts, bread) with the crew.

i was really taken aback at first - i'd saved points for dinner, and was just not prepared to waste them on stuff i didn't like anyway. and well - i eat neither cold cuts nor cheese and hardly any bread, after all.

i was pretty annoyed there for a minute, because all the shops were closed at that time already, and i couldn't buy healthier choices for me, and our friend t. kept pestering me that 'one time didn't matter'. the bf felt rather guilty about that sudden change of plans and his inability to do something about it; he's awesome in trying to accommodate my eating style, doesn't dress salads like he used to and the like, and really wants to support me.

he couldn't then, so i decided to not get too worked up about it, headed back to the office where i grabbed what was supposed to be next days' brekkie and my jar of vegemite. so while everyone else indulged, i had an ok (if not particularly exciting) 7.5 points dinner, that left me feeling nicely full. and later at home, i indulged with some choc.

i could never ever be with someone, who was not supportive of my eating habits. i don't expect the bf (who is super-skinny, by default and can eat anything, really) to follow my 'rules', but i do expect him to support me in following them and to work on compromises that work for both of us, such as not using butter when he cooks or undressed salad that we then each fix however we like it. he's awesome, in that regard, and it helps that he's into cooking, big-time, and and adventurous eater in general. and he doesn't even laugh when i break one piece of lindt choc into 12 little parts.

it sounds harsh, but dating a fat person is something that i will never ever do again, should i ever re-enter the dating pool (which i don't plan on doing, anyway). my ex was seriously overweight, and i tried to tell myself, that it didn't matter, that his personality was so awesome and whatnot, but it mattered. a lot. we had no sex life to speak of because of his weight and bad body image, which totally killed my libido as well. and i adapted his unhealthy lifestyle and gained about 10kg in the first year that we were dating, before i started ww. anyway. those days are over, and i'm very happy about that.

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Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You make some really good points here. It is much easier to be in a relationship with a supportive partner.

My husband was always supportive of me - even when I was obese. He always said he thought my weight problem was temporary.

I told him ten years of "temporary" is a long time.

I'm glad you are with someone who is good for you!