hell, yeah!


66,6kg, as of this morning. ha!

this is not just a appealingly hellish number, it's also a nice non-metric milestone for me: 50lb lost. one super big carp! boo yeah!

had a lovely couply weekend with the bf: we had a full blown homemade pizza orgy saturday night (thanks to jamie olivers pizza dough recipe, our homegrown tomatos and buffalo mozzarella from the italian supermarket), hung out (ahem) in bed till mid-afternoon today, had lunchy breakfast on the balcony, rode our bikes to a nearby lake and went skinny dipping (first time this summer) and finally bbqed on the balcony and watched our usual sunday night crime show (the only tv we ever watch).

in addition, i had a great work out on saturday morning, ran my first week 9 run (30 minutes, yeah!) and bought four bpa-free nalgene bottles so that i can get rid of bottled water at home and at work. and today, i also did four loads of laundry, finished a book and read the sunday paper. and worked on my tan.

life's full and awesome and i am so very very happy. oh yes.

right now, however, i'm struggling with a bit of sunday-night-dread. this week is going to be crazy, work-wise, and i still need to sort out that conflict with my mom. but the week will be over oh-so-very-soon: thursday night, my pal s. will be in town from munich, which is super-awesome. we only met a few months ago, and i have a total friend-crush on her, and it's fab we get to spend some face time together instead of just plotting stuff via email. on friday morning, the bf and our crew will be heading off to lugano for a long weekend and another tattoo convention. have never been in the italian part of switzerland, and can't wait, really. we'll be staying with friends right at the lake, so there will be more skinny-dipping before the summer is over. oh yes.

so this week - even if it will be busy - will rock. only four days of work, i'll work out on monday and wednesday, will graduate c25k, hang out with s. and go to switzerland.

i'm so very lucky.

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