inspiration. [#4]

"the omg-i-hate-doing-this curve? it goes away, this i promise. the feeling of taking control of your body, of doing this yourself, is worth every tear of sweat, every missed chocolate bar, every undignified jillian-michaels induced grunt.

i’m here to tell you: you can do this. go, girl."

[kristin @ bodies in motivation: boyfriend in motivation]

kristin is spot on with this post. that feeling of control? is sweeter than chocolate. it is a choice to be fit, to keep your body machine well-oiled and in top condition, in the best that you can achieve. it is my choice to work out as much as i do and to eat what i eat. does it hurt? at times yes. but not as much as you'd think. and i'm rewarded for it every single minute of my day. when i walk up the stairs and can feel my glutes working, when in finish my 25 minute c25k-runs, when the boyfriend strokes my hips, in search for the lovehandles that used to be there.

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