....and another change of plans.

i didn't go to that 90 minute yoga class at my gym yesterday.

instead, i did two rounds miha circle, a session on the power plate, my usual weights and my week 8, run two of c25k. i just felt like it. and guess what? my mood is SO MUCH BETTER.

i'd felt like crap all day yesterday and barely got through work and an afternoon work out instruction session with my physio. hung out at the bf's shop after work, whining about feeling like crap and not knowing what to do and whether to go to that yoga class or home or [ad nauseam].

and then i had a few ricecakes and a small serving of lemon sorbet and just snapped out of it. no idea how i did it, which is a real bummer, because i'd sure like to replicate that. got to the gym by 7:30pm and just went for it. and it felt great.

when i got home, the bf had fixed a lovely dinner (pasta and homemade veggie sauce), and we sat out on the balcony, eating, and i was feeling better than i had in a few days. so yeah. can't decide whether that's worrisome (overexercising!) or awesome (feeling better!) and have decided for now to not give a shit, for now. fact is: i feel better, and that's important.

have also decided to start taking that acid/alcali-supplement again, even though i don't believe in the theory behind it. last time i was diligent about taking it, it seemed to help with the recurring yeast infections. i'll also start with a pre-biotic-something-or-other regimen from the pharmacy once i'm done with my meds next week. don't believe in the theory behind that either, but after ten months of yeast-and-other-private-parts-fun and pretty much all kinds of anti-fungals that my gyno could prescribe, i'm willing to try pretty much anything.

in any way, it's friday, and we're roadtripping with the crew to luxemburg today, and i'm excited. oh yes. i'm also prepared: i'm eating a big, healthy lunch today, and some rice cakes, apples and protein bars for the weekend. "the foods always awesome there", the bf told me last night. "i hope that won't be too stressful for you." thing is: good food? not a problem. bad food is a problem. if something is worth the points that it costs me? i don't care. :)

this is life, after all. and life comes with weekend trips to luxemburg.

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