we feed the world.

last night, the bf and i watched we feed the world with the kids. it was long overdue, we'd both wanted to see it ever since it came out.

i thought i was already all disillusioned about the food industry. i've been a vegetarian (and at times leaning towards veganism) for the past six years, and buy lots of organic, locally grown food because of how horrible the food industry is. but that movie had me crying, yet again, over tons of discarded bread, veggies planted by immigrants in spain, chicken slaughtering machines and the diabolic man who runs nestlé. i'd seen it all before, yet the movie was a total kick in the gut. using violence as a political force seems kinda reasonable to me right now, at least as long as it's against nestlé, monsanto and friends.

plus side: i think the movie freaked the bf's 18-year old son and his galpal out so much, that they are permanently turned off maccas. that'd be awesome.

the bf and i are now trying to come up with ways of turning our anger into action. for starters, i'll get rid of the bottled water that i drink at work and avoid nestlé as much as possible. the bf will get rid of his nestlé water cooler at the shop, and together, we'll make an effort go even more local and organic with our shopping than we already are. maybe it's time to get a veggie subscription from a local farm?

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