the fine line.

i've been wondering about 'normal'. not in relation to my body, though (the fact that it is, keeps sinking in), but in relation to my eating. when does a healthy diet turn into disordered eating?

i know for a fact that my nutrient-free bakery binge sessions and compulsory chocolate desserts that got me to the weight i used to be were disordered eating. i often had two pretzels and two pastries for brekkie, ate a whole package of chocolate chips right after two portions of pasta at dinner, or a super sized burger king menu, followed by a donut and a muffin. i'm still wondering, though: is what i am doing now - the endless carrots & quark combo, broccoli pasta whenever i get the chance -'normal'?

i have no idea.

i'm worried that my worrying about sliding into unhealthy behaviour is my subconsious trying to undermine my path to success. and at the same time, i know that the way the majority of people eat, what they consider "normal", is disordered, anyway.

very odd, this.

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