now that i've lost weight...[#1]

...i can buy clothes almost everywhere. and i really, really want to, as well.

[places that i've bought clothes in the last year and a half: at a flea market in montpellier. at h&m. at c&a (of all places, last got stuff from there more than twenty years ago, when my dad was still responsible for my outfits). at pretty much every super cheap high street trash-clothes shop: tally weijl, new yorker and yes, even pimkie. at american apparel. at a hippie shop with clothes from nepal. at frontlineshop. at esprit.]

[my first honest clothes buying trip to c&a as an adult today rewarded me with two pretty awesome knit dresses (my first ever!), a grey shirt, a yellow turtleneck jumper and gloves with stars on 'em. for 72 euros. total steal, methinks.]

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