stepping it up.

the weekend is over and i could really do with another two days of doing nothing. that last week? was really exhausting. my best galpal was dumped by her bf on friday night (with no prior indication that anything was wrong), and that has hit me quite a bit and had me think about my own relationship a lot, especially on the heels of thursdays' emotional shake-up.

last night, the bf and i went out with a couple of friends, some of which i hadn't seen in a while: they all commented on my weight loss. my friend s. was all "erm, you've lost some weight there, c., was that intentional?" that was a bit weird, but nice nonetheless.

in other news, my injured knees (they're worse today, after using the arc trainer yesterday, boo!), lack of workouts, partying and the 2009 early fall cake fest seem to have had the wee little impact of a kg more on the scales this morning. i've also worked too much, sucked at planning food at work and did not take lunch breaks. all of which sucks, obviously.

so my (not so hard) goals for this week:
  • breakfast at work by 11am
  • drink at least 2l of water at work
  • no baking at home
  • a lunch break, every day
  • no more bread rolls during the workday (they've been slipping back into my meals this past week, damn bread-crack!)
  • workouts on monday, wednesday and saturday
also: nablopomo!

[nablopomo 1/30]

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