eff off, friday.

today just hasn't been fun. i was flooded with work, stuck in a meeting for two hours and behind on most of my assignments until 5pm or so, when i finally got on top of everything. crappy feeling. snuck out at 2pm for a brief lunch break, however, ate some pumpkin soup, shopped for a few things and then returned to the hell that was my office today.

it's all fine now, obviously, and i wonder whether part of my feeling of being overwhelmed was simply because i got in about 20minutes late this morning (yesterday? knocked me out), felt out of the loop after two days away and just wasn't on top of things, really. oh well. done. over.

last night sucked a wee bit, too: i stayed up too late and suddenly (out of nowhere, really) started digging into the special k 100 kcal-packs we'd brought from our france holiday, and then i started rummaging through the pantry and had a few of those french soy orange biccies. insane, really, and totally pointless. just because i was tired, and alone at home, and hungry. emotionally hungry, really.

i stopped immediately though, and as soon as the bf got home, i told him of what i'd done. it wasn't a binge, by any means, but it was something that really didn't feel good, and just wasn't necessary or healthy. also told him to get rid of the biscuits. they're gone now. good stuff.

in other news, i want to get rid of simple carbs (bread, baked stuff, cakes, cookies, sweets, white stuff) for the next few days (or maybe weeks) again. they're just not doing me any good, especially in light of that damn yeast again. so yeah. of course today has sucked muchly because of that, too. my brain's been crying and shouting and pleading for bread, cookies, sweets, anything, really. during that two hour meeting this morning, it kept making up reasons why it'd be okay to dig into the gummybear smurfs in our office kitchen. insanity.

but all's good now. had a lovely dinner with the guy (who kindly patted down my grilled salmon steak with a tissue to get rid off excess decorative olive oil) and am finally home and relaxed and happy. still got to clean up the guest room now, as my friend a. is coming down for a visit tomorrow. major going out plans tomorrow night, yay. and i will totally not count points then, oh no.

also: it's the weekend. yay.

[nablopomo 13/30]

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Watching and Weighting said...

thank god for the weekend hey! HAve a glorious time tonight dude!!!