the times they are a-changin.

next week, ww will introduce a new programme in germany. rumours in their crappy forums (that i avoid like the plague, really) are ablaze, and most women there think they're going to put out an adaption of the momentum plan. i'm not that sure, really, because the momentum plan is not that different from what they're promoting round here right now, anyway.

whatever they'll do though: i'm surprisingly concerned about the changes. and at the same time feel totally ridiculous about doing so.

the current ww programme has worked so very well for me, even if my weight loss is oh-so-very slow right now (i'm back to normal again, btw, bye bye mystery 3lb of the past few days). i'm trying really hard to remind myself that the programme is only a tool. it's not the cause of my weight loss. i lost all that weight because i ate less and worked out a shitload. sure, it was by their rules, but in turn, i got a whole new effing lifestyle. and i'm well aware that won't change now, no matter what ww changes. this is not a diet anymore. this is life. my life. and i love it so much that i won't let this feeling go. ever again.

anyway: i'm whining. because if that new programme doesn't work for me? i simply won't follow it. it's that easy, isn't it?


[nablopomo 08/30]

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