goals, and the reaching thereof.

hello internet, that's me in my underwear.

between these two photos are five months, 10kg (22lb), probably two dress sizes, three cup sizes, roughly 130 gym workouts and quite likely about 100kg of carrots and half a truck of milram frühlingsquark aktiv.

i'm a bit sad, that i never made the effort of taking proper progress pics at regular intervals. totally should have. looking at these two shots, it all doesn't seem that drastic anyway, which is weirding me out quite a bit. was my original shot in june too flattering? or does this loss look a lot more impressive in clothes, anyway? not sure.

so much has changed in these past five months though, and it's not just that jiggle in my thighs that's seriously lessened: i eat better, i love working out again, i have a fab, enjoyable routine. and i'm a runner, even when i'm under a no-running-order.

still not sure what exactly is causing my weird lack of motivation, my general underwhelmment so close to goal. maybe it's my general scepticism of that goal? do i really want to make it happen? can i really make it happen? is stepping it up a notch worth it? or maybe, just maybe, could it be that i am just a wee bit scared of finally arriving at the end of this weight loss journey?

something to think about on the arc trainer tonight, me thinks.

[nablopomo 09/30]

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Shauna said...

WOW i see a huge difference... especially in your legs... foxy! :)

hope your arc trainer ponderings go well... and thank you for yer email, it means a lot xx