my new obsession.

hello, my name is c., and i've recently developed an obsession with super high quality weirdo tights. i love them. love, love, love, love, love them. give me paisley, and stripes and colour and texture. i want them all.

i keep thinking 'now, how did that happen?' (usually when standing at the cash register at the tights-shop, forking over good money for leg coverings that have been imported from italy) but really, i shouldn't be surprised. after all, the past two summers featured a lot of leggings. including some in colours other than black. maybe this is a natural progression of sorts.

it's still really weird, though. because i hated tights, back in the day. they were a must-wear-thing, not a wanna-wear-thing. they always tore. they never fit.

i remember one incident, oh, nine years back, when i was wearing some way-too-expensive-control-top-tights to my then law firm job in melbourne. i'd bought the largest size available at myer (ignoring the size chart), and that thing just didn't fit. everything was wrong about these tights. they were digestion-stoppingly tight all around, and the crotch kept sliding down. which caused two rolls of thigh flesh to get caught above the gusset and rubbing against each other. all day. i remember being close to tears in the bathroom stall at the office in the afternoon, sweaty from the effort of trying to get myself into these tights again. and close to tears. in the end, the tights won. at the end of the day, when i finally got home and could take them off, the insides of my thighs were rubbed raw. ouch.

it's so different now. tights are not a torture contraption anymore. they fit. they last. they're like underwear, in a way, and much more comfy than a bra. but above all, they're an accessory. and i've realised i like my accessories kinda eccentric.

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Watching and Weighting said...

ADORE the gold ones! Oh my!!! Tights ROCK. Do you have TK Maxx over there? Excellent tight buying potential xx