pleasantly spent.

had my first appointment with pt thomas tonight, and i think i'll stay with him for good (or until he also leaves for australia, haha). he's super exact, gives very clear instructions and totally gets that i need very clear instructions. and a lot of no's.

here are a few of 'em:
  • no running
  • no 5,5k race on november 28
  • no arc trainer
  • no crosstrainer
  • no weight-bearing cardio of any kind

there were a few 'yes', however, as well:

  • yes, he totally thinks that i will eventually lose the 3kg i want to lose (to get me to 60kg)
  • yes, he reckons what i've been doing has been good
  • yes, he reckons i can get back to running, eventually

hopped on the fat-measuring scale, and while there was a slight improvement of a pound or so, it really doesn't count (considering it was the end of the day and whatnot). thomas reckons that the fact i've been exclusively doing the milon strength circuit for the past six weeks is to blame for that plateau that i've been hanging around on, lately, and that it'll improve as soon as i'm changing the routine up again.

so here's what he's changing my programme to:

mondays and saturdays:
15 minutes rowing (warm up)
2 rounds milon strength circuit
a bunch of machines (at 2 sets of 12 reps max)
10-15 minutes of rowing at high intensity (heartrate consistently above 150 and up to 190 bpm)
(on saturdays, i might add 30 min on the hypoxi treadmill and the sauna)

30 minutes rowing (warm up)
2 rounds milon fat burning circuit
a bunch of machines
30 minutes hypoxi treadmill
(afterwards: no carbs for the rest of the day)

sounds very do-able, and really works well with my general week-planning and all. got home at just past 8pm today. fabulous. and in addition, starting next week, that is (this week: too hectic), i'll go swimming on either tuesdays or thursdays.

todays' workout left me really frickin' exhausted. which hadn't happened in a while, really. practically crawled off the rowing machine (feeling like p.bateman). and the stretching? hurt. in that really good way. still think that my weights are a bit low in places. got to tinker with them over the next few workouts. yay.

now: sleep.

[nablopomo 16/30]

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