i'd like some pms to blame, please.

the mysterious weight gain? it continues. another pound up today. if i had a cycle (haha!) i'd at least be able blame this on pms. have no clue what the hell is happening right now. very weird, all that, am trying really hard not to freak out to much. my clothes fit really well, and i look freakin' skinny, so... no idea what's happening here. will try to drink more (helps with water retention, after all) lower my sodium intake, and sweat properly in the sauna tomorrow. tsk.

in other news, i'm feeling much better than yesteday, even though today was just as stressful. the mystery illness has disappeared and the bf's ex has finally succumbed to the reality of what's been happening to her, and i've been on the phone with her for about two hours today. so happy that it's friday, that i can sleep in tomorrow, and work out for a good long while and spend tomorrow night and sunday with the guy. and no one else. good stuff.

am kinda tempted to attempt a run tomorrow. should i, or shouldn't i?

daily goal check:
  • breakfast at work by 11am - YES!
  • drink at least 2l of water at work - NOPE! (prolly about 1l)
  • no baking at home - YES!
  • a lunch break, every day - NO!
  • no more bread rolls during the workday - YES! ('t was hard, though)
  • workouts on monday, wednesday and saturday - N.A.
[nablopomo 06/30]

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