my first post-gym-no-carb-night has been pretty damn easy. dinner was a nicely baked chunck of salmon accompanied by a mountain of broccoli. not missing them carbs right now, even though a piece of fancy choc (or two, or three) would definitely be awesome now.

am pretty exhausted right now. the gym was fine tonight (even though i forgot my socks and in turn gave myself a bloody blister, yay), and i'm so happy that it was such a speedy endeavour again. did 30 minutes on the rowing machine (6,3k), two rounds milon fat burning circuit (good lord, i'd forgotten how long one minute can be!), 30 minutes inside the hypoxi, stretched and headed home. awesome. i reckon i'll start sauna-ing on wednesday nights from now on, just a quick little round. those 30 extra minutes will doubtlessly be worth it.

right now, i feel as if someone had pulled the plug on me though. definitely time to head to bed. asap.

[things i still need to write about: that weight pleateau i've been hanging out on and what pt thomas thinks about it, not being allowed to run that race i signed up for back in september, the upcoming weekend trip to see my 'rents]

[nablopomo 18/30]

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