700km and back

in the past 48 hours:

  • the bf and i roadtripped about 1500km in the old passat car of a friend.
  • said passat tied on us about 350km from our destination and 4 hours before the bf was scheduled to be there because he had a speaking engagement.
  • we had to be rescued by adac; their tech got the car running again though, much quieter and reliable than before, too.
  • i was so stressed out about arriving on time that i really dug into the (mostly healthy) snacks i had prepared and ate way too much and way too much stuff i shouldn't have eaten (three pretzels in a row!) and scratched some spots on my neck bloody... geez. i was a total ball of nerves. but the guy and i? we never bickered. we were such a great team.
  • we eventually arrived 15 minutes before the bf was due to sit on that podium. pheew. we're awesome like that.
  • and the rest of the trip was great.
  • apart from waking up with yet another raging yeast infection.
  • and apart from the drive down. which went by without a hitch, but with killer traffic.
  • but all in all? the trip was still fun. the kind of fun, though, that we'll never want to have again. oh no.

[nablopomo 12/30]

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