after you killed me.

this week, people? it has killed, no, slayed me. (don't i say this every week, btw?) there's just been a mount everest of work, way too little sleep, the gym trips have been hard and i'm just...spent.

so glad it's friday night now. so glad i got my bum to the gym tonight already, so glad that all i have to do tonight is put one more story online, tidy up a wee bit and pack my bag for the weekend trip r. and i are going to embark on tomorrow to see his - please laugh now, or wonder what kind of weird life i lead - erm, wife and her new boyfriend.

see, r. and her split up six years or so ago, and just haven't gotten divorced yet, for visa reasons, among other things (they're going to, soon though, because she wants kids with her new bf). their relationship is all amicable and i like her a lot (totally would have married her, if i was him) and i am super curious about her new boyfriend. good stuff, actually, all that. we just don't see each other nearly enough. last time was in late april. which should spark some comments, seeing i was about 15kg heavier then. ahem.

so yeah: long weekend ahead, because i've got monday off work as well. there'll be sleeping in tomorrow, then a relaxed train trip, and then fun with friends and on monday, there'll be shopping, just the guy and me, before we head home.

it's going to be splendid.

everything has been pretty alright, really, despite the stress. eating-wise, i'm in the groove, really. switched my breakfast to oatmeal, and that keeps me super-satisfied and happy for a good long while and is very yummy. also had a hot lunch (just some organic soup) some days, and that's been awesome, too. even my no carb-evening on wednesday was easy. same's true for the gym: that new workout schedule i'm on is super-intense, but super-quick, and i'm loving both.

only thing that's not been so great are my knees: haven't been icing them diligently (for lack of time, haha), and they were hurting during regular walking today. and during rowing. duh. which (as sick as that is) makes me feel better for not running that long planned and paid for 5,5k in basel tomorrow. sob!

anyway. 'tis all good. really.

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