worse, worse, worse.

i'm getting sick, the scale showed yet another slightly higher number today (65kg, wtf?) even though i've been so very diligent with everything, the bf is having a guys' night out and staying the night and i am kinda lonely (and did i mention getting sick?), i had no lunch break and worked till 7pm and i spend way too much time researching romance scams and talking to a woman who runs a german support forum for scam victims.

those first few things all suck and explain why i am so tired and out of it right now, but the latter breaks my heart, really. the bf's ex-wife (the mother of his grown daughter) is the victim of a romance scam. you know, the nigerian kind. yup, it happens to real people. real people, who are lonely and needy and don't know how to keep their guards up. the scammer approached her a few months ago, just weeks after she first joined myspace. it's all been pretty horrible, really, drama after drama (including deaths, accidents, comas) and even though the crap her 'fiancé' has told her is exactly like every nigerian scam warning list out there, she still believes he's real. well. managed to track his ips to a known spammer ip. and now i have to break those news to her. duh.

anyway. instead of whining, i should head to bed. today wasn't that great, really. tomorrow will be better. but i won't head to bed before having another piece of superdelicious sea salt choc. won't solve any problems, but will taste awesome.

daily goal check
  • breakfast at work by 11am - YES! (however, it was a giant pretzel. t'was an emergency.)
  • drink at least 2l of water at work - NOPE! (prolly about 1l)
  • no baking at home - YES!
  • a lunch break, every day - NO!
  • no more bread rolls during the workday - NO!
  • workouts on monday, wednesday and saturday - N.A.
[nablopomo 05/30]

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