oink oink?

two of our superclose friends have h1n1. namely the bfs two co-workers (i.e. the people with whom he co-owns and runs the shop with). and have i mentioned yet, that in our circle of friends, we kiss each other on the mouth to say hello? we total IDIOTS?

just last week, r. and i were talking about dropping that habit for the pandemic. guess that was a bit late.

m. has been super sick for two days and her doc has diagnosed h1n1 (not sure whether by test) and has given her a sickness certificate for (get this) TEN DAYS (you usually get three round here). r. is with his gf in zurich right now, and has been supersick for two days as well. heading to the doc tomorrow. he calle our local doc (we all share a gp, seriously), and he reckons it's h1n1.

the bf and i? we're next. like: totally.

i'm either the worlds' biggest hypochondriac (and i very well could be), or some virus or other is giving me the chills right now and those weirdly flushy cheeks i've had all arvo and...


i feel sick.

and i'm supposed to trip up north to my rents tomorrow (for the first time in 18 months). which i totally don't want to do, but if i cancelled on them because of the effing swine flu, they'd never believe it, ever, and it'd be a major catastrophe. but the way i feel this very moment? i will NOT sit on a train tomorrow.


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