post-freak out.

i'm home again, and the weekend seems a lot less terrible than, say, 20 hours ago. this trip to my parents, while stressful, was a lot better than expected, actually. i'm just glad it's over for now, and that contact has been re-established. we can all move forward now, and it's going to get better from now on. or something.

my eating hasn't been much better today though than yesterday, i'm afraid. brekkie and lunch were really good, but there's been tons of mediocre snacking again, and then a four hour train trip, and right now, i'm hungry and waiting for a friend to finish work so that we can finally, finally head out to our planned late-night dinner. i've already forgiven myself for the snacking yesterday and today. i was stressed out and lonely and medicated in a crappy way, but it's ok. it happened, i can't change it, and feeling bad about it won't make a positive difference. i'll move forward. i can and will make better choices the rest of today and tomorrow and the rest of the week, month, year, my life.

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