the hunger.

i've been struggling a wee bit to stay within points these past days, for the first time in ages, really. shouldn't be surprised though: this week has been ├╝berstressful with the upcoming opening of the shop and all, i have been sleeping too little and not planning my meals well.

and then there's the hunger. oh, the hunger. i eat a giant serving of carrots and quark and a protein bar and 30 minutes later am hungry again. like: ravenously hungry. so yesterday, out of that terribly hunger, i had falafel for lunch, and today a breadroll with mozzarella and tomatoes. both helped for a wee while, but didn't feel too great, really; like reverting back to old habits.

i suspect that i need to eat significantly more protein, just to stay satisfied longer. and add more zero-point stuff, more fruit, more veges. and maybe more diverse flavours, just to make it more exciting.

next week, though.

this week, i just need to keep hanging on. and pat myself on the back. next week will be less stressful, oh yes.

[kinda exciting, nonetheless: 70,5 on the scale this morning. 69, here i come!]

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