the munchies.

two weeks ago, it was the hunger. now i'm struggling with the munchies. i have this bizarre urge to shove stuff into my mouth constantly right now. i am resisting quite well, actually, but running out of points by eating, well, not much. not sure, what's to blame - lack of protein? is that whole wheat bread i've been eating making me this ravenous? (maybe being pretty much breadless is better for me after all?) or maybe it's that perpetual state of pms that i am in, being on cd 40+ (or whatever)? (thanks for nothing pcos!)

whatever is to blame: i hate it. hate it. hate it. hate it.

things are alright, still, though. i'm holding up, following ww while being pretty much not-stressed about it and had two pretty much perfect work outs this week. i just need to add some more variety in my diet. and some more stuff that actually fills me up. i've been eating pretty high fiber this week, and that's messing with my weigh-ins - and despite the fiber, i'm pretty stopped up, yet again (but when i'm not, it's pretty impressive) and whatnot.

kinda expecting that there won't be a loss this coming sunday (not surprising, really, as last weeks number was a wee bit too dehydrated-low or whatnot, anyway).

oh well. i'll keep doing what i'm doing right. and improve on the things i've been doing not so right. because all in all? it's all pretty damn fine. munchies or not.

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