inspiration. [#3]

"at 29 i finally had enough. how did i "start"? i went out of my comfort zone. i stopped hiding in big baggy clothes. i embraced who i was at that moment. no more excuses. no more perfection needed. i am who i am and that’s good enough.

that mindset prepared me to learn how to eat. i approached weight watchers like a class, not a diet. i made a commitment to my blog. i decided the only way i would fail is by giving up and i wasn’t about to give up. i couldn’t give up, i can’t give up. this is my life and i need to make the best of it. for me that means staying conscious and honest with myself. no more sneaking food or finding excuses. no more going off plan. again, this is my life, everything is on plan. face it, count it, move on. no apologies necessary."

[roni's weigh: dieting my whole life]

i was 29 as well, when i'd had enough. and i totally agreewith her that the decision to be fit and healthy has nothing to do with dieting, and everything to do with life. this is my life, and i need to make the best of it. and it's more likely that i'll find my best self at the end of a long run or out exploring the world on my bike. and not at the bottom of an ice cream bucket.

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